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Smart Club is a club for TBC Bank’s devoted clients. The members of the club receive rewards for using banking products. Together with Smart Club it is twice pleasant to enjoy TBC Bank’s services, because besides high quality service and banking products, you can receive much more. Join Smart Club and choose a desirable reward out of 100 000!

What is the difference between SMART CLUB and other bonus programs?

Smart Club is adjusted to client requirements as much as possible. Therefore, the members of the club receive rewards in a comfortable and simple way. To receive the rewards the members continue using of those banking products, which they prefer – there is no need to open a specific card or a specific deposit to receive the points, as the members of the club will accumulate points while using practically any banking product. And since many banking products qualify for point accumulation  Smart points are accrued quickly and easily! of For additional comfort you do not need to swipe Smart Club membership card for point accumulation, as points will automatically accrue to your Smart Club card.. You will need Smart Club  card only to redeem points. Remember, no vouchers and difficult procedures are needed! You only need to visit  to one of our partner shops and exchange your points for rewards.
On top of this, Smart Club enables you to receive “exclusives” – free tickets for various entertaining events intended exclusively for the members of the club. “Exclusives” are pleasant impressions, which make the club membership even more interesting.

What is the advantage of being a member of SMART CLUB?

Smart Club members can get much more in TBC Bank! Smart Club enables the bank clients to use banking products and receive rewards in exchange. A wide assortment and diversity of rewards ensures that  different interests of the club members will be met. And that’s not all!  Only Smart Club members have an opportunity to participate in exclusive events and receive free tickets for premieres in the cinemas or other events. Follow this link to see sample rewards.

What is the cost of joining SMART CLUB?

One-time commission fee for joining Smart Club is 5 GEL

Who can join SMART CLUB?

To join Smart Club you need to have one of the following products in TBC Bank:
• Debit or credit card
• Savings account
• Deposit “My Safe”
• Current Account
• Term deposit

*Owing only a term deposits for membership is enough in certain cases. To receive detailed information, please, see “Smart Club Terms and Conditions.” 

How can I join SMART CLUB?

It is very simple to joint Smart Club. You simply need to visit any desirable branch or service center of TBC Bank and join  fill in the application.. 

How are SMART points accumulated?

You can accumulate points in several ways:

  • Through paying in trade facilities with bank cards: 1 point will be accrued for each 2 GEL spent during a month
  • According to the balance:  you will receive 20 points per months for the balance of each 1000 GEL;
  • Through taking a loan: you will receive one-time 500 points for each loan.

To receive detailed information about accumulation of points, please, see “Smart Club Terms and Conditions.” 

Is it necessary to swipe SMART CLUB card through POS terminal to accumulate the points?

It is extremely comfortable for Smart Club members to accumulate Smart points – you do not need to swipe your Smart Club card through POS terminal to accumulate the points. The points will be accrued on the Smart Club card automatically upon using the banking products in TBC Bank! You will only need to use Smart Club card while receiving the rewards.

How can I increase number of SMART points?

If you use several categories of banking products in TBC Bank, it is extremely easy to increase your accumulated points.

Four categories of products qualify  for  point accumulation:


1. Any card

2. Deposits and

    3. Loans 

4. Remote products

If you use any two of these categories of banking products, your Smart points accumulated during previous months will multiply by 1.5; if you use three categories of banking products they will double, and if you use 4 categories of products they will triple!

Keep in mind that the rule of doubling/tripling Smart points concerns only the points accumulated for purchase made with TBC bank debit/credit card in partner outlets or those accumulated according to your balance. This rule does not apply to other points, such as Welcome points and the points accrued while taking a loan.

To receive detailed information about accumulating of points, please, see “Smart Club Terms and Conditions.” 

When are SMART points accrued?

Smart Points for accumulated for card transactions, balance and loans are accrued once a month, at the beginning of each month in accordance with the activities carried out during previous month.

Where can I use SMART points?

You can use your points in any partner merchant of TBC Bank – visit your desirable shop and receive your reward!

How can I use SMART points?

You simply need to go to TBC Bank’s partner shop and pay with your Smart Club card. You should pay in a way similar to paying with VISA/MasterCard, i.e. you should use TBC Bank POS terminals.

In order to calculate which particular reward you will be able to receive, use  simple formula: 100 points = 1 GEL. In case you don’t have  enough Smart points, you can pay the part of the purchase  by cash or you’re your VISA/MasterCard.

Attention! In order to use your points you need to put Smart Club card into the TBC Bank POS terminal.

Is there any minimal number of SMART points to receive the gifts?

There is no minimal number of Smart points to receive the rewards. You can start spending upon accumulating any number of points.

Do SMART points have any term?

Smart points have a term of validity. Smart Points expire at the end of the year following the year of their their accumulation For example, the term of points accumulated in 2009 will expire in late December 2010. The term of points accumulated in 2010 will expire by the end of 2011 and so on.

Will I receive a SMART CLUB membership card upon joining the club?

You will receive a Smart Club membership card upon joining the club. The points will automatically be accumulated on this card while receiving banking services and you will be able to exchange the accumulated points for the rewards.

How can I get information about accumulated SMART points?

In order to receive information about your points, just SMS a word “Smart” from your mobile phone to 2727 and you will receive information about the current balance of your points. Moreover, you will receive a notification from the bank monthly about the accumulated points. To receive information about your points, you can register at www.SmartClub.Ge, call 27 27 27 or simply visit any branch of TBC Bank.

What can I do in case of losing my SMART CLUB card?

In case of losing the card, you should immediately inform about this at one of the branches of TBC Bank or call at 27 27 27. The bank employee will block your card and a finder will be unable to use the accrued points. You will be able to restore the card free of charge at any branch and get back the points accumulated on the previous card.

Can I restore my card in case of losing, damaging or expiring of SMART CLUB card?

Yes, you can restore your card at any branch of TBC Bank free of charge in case of its losing, damaging or expiring.


What can I do if I do not have enough SMART points to receive a reward?

What can I do if I do not have enough SMART points to receive a reward? 

If you do not have enough points to receive a gift, you can add cash or use your VISA/MasterCard.

How can I learn what particular rewards I can receive with accumulated SMART points?

 In order to learn what particular rewards you can receive with accumulated Smart points, you need to visit TBC Bank’s partner shops or see our online catalogue.  

Can I use SMART CLUB cards in the POS terminals of other banks?

Smart Club cards should be put into TBC Bank POS  terminals. You must not use the card in the terminals of other banks. 

What are „exclusives“?

Exclusives are the events exclusively arranged for Smart Club members. You will have a diverse choice: sport matches, premieres in the cinemas, other cultural and educational events. Therefore, keep your eyes on our website www.SmartClub.ge in order to get duly information about exclusives and register at the website.

How can I receive „exclusives“?

In order to receive exclusives you should register at www.SmartClub.ge. Afterwards, you will be able to register for exclusives quite simply.

Can I exchange SMART points for money?

You can exchange your points only for rewards. It is impossible to exchange points for money.

I am a member of SMART CLUB and I have a UNICARD. Can I accumulate the points on the both cards?

You can effectively use the advantage that you are the member of Smart Club and that you have a UNICARD: use TBC Bank’s any VISA/MasterCard while paying in the shop (put it into TBC Pay terminal); after transaction is over, swipe UNICARD through the Pos terminal. In this case, you will receive points on Smart Club card for using TBC Bank’s VISA/MasterCard, and points on Unicard for swiping it at the outlet

How can I undergo registration at SMART CLUB website?

In order to register at www.SmartClub.ge, you need to follow the link and undergo registration according to the instruction. You will need your Smart Club card for registration. If you have any questions, please, call telephone service center at 27 27 27.

How can I receive detailed information about SMART CLUB?

You can receive information about your Smart points at any time:
1. See menu My Account;
2. Send SMS  with text  “Smart” from your mobile phone to 2727;
3. Or just call us at:  27 27 27 

I have used TBC Bank card and no points were accrued. What is the reason?

If you used TBC Bank’s VISA/MasterCard, but no points were accrued by the end of the month, it means that you have not used your card in way that is required to accumulate points. for example: in ATM, bank, in other bank’s Pos terminals instead of TBC ones or through using remote products.

Remember, that in order to accumulate the points you need to swipe TBC Bank’s VISA/MasterCard through TBC Bank’s POS terminal situated in the shop.

How many points will I accumulate within a year?

The accumulation of points depends on how actively you use banking products. For example:

If you

• Spend GEL 500 with your Visa/MasterCard  monthly
• Have a loan in TBC Bank
• Use Internet banking monthly

You will accumulate 9500 points per year.

If you

• Spend GEL 1000 with your Visa/MasterCard monthly
• Have a deposit in TBC Bank with a balance of GEL 5000
• Use automatic utility payment service

You will accumulate 21 600 points per year.